New Classifieds Website [kos-ads.com]

New Classifieds Website [kos-ads.com]

What is Kos-Ads.com?

Kos-Ads is a unique effort in the space of Online Classifieds that drills-down to the ‘locality and neighbourhood’ level – a micro-geographic scale as opposed to the existing city/state-based services. The portal maps listings across localities in a way that makes visual browsing of classifieds a much faster process of zeroing down to what is relevant for every visitor. This facilitates direct interaction between users in close proximity thus giving them much better comfort level.

How is Kos-Ads.com different?

Kos-Ads provides a one-stop shop solution for online classifieds which caters a common person’s day to day needs involving apartment rentals, buying/selling, jobs, services etc or even making new friends locally. And what makes a difference with any other classified site is our comment system, where users or visitors can make a live review of posted ads.

Who are the people behind Kos-Ads.com?

The team is headed by young entrepreneurs from diverse educational backgrounds including architecture, computer science and business and having prior work experience  to redefine the way we look at the Online Classified Industry Globally.

Cities are changing and so are the people’s needs and we hope that Kos-Ads.com, with its unique concept, simple but efficient design and apt management will be able to provide an honest and best platform to its users. So, shout out your needs through Kos-Ads.com! And don’t forget to give us feedback on how you feel about this new venture.

Check it out here

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New Website for Email Marketers and Internet Marketers [GloboMailer.com]

New Website for Email Marketers and Internet Marketers [GloboMailer.com]

GloboMailer`s Emailer (Advanced Email Marketing, AR and CRM System) provides you with everything that you need for your e-mail marketing strategy. You’ll have everything under control with the help of various tools and features that GloboMailer’s E-mailer could offer at a very affordable price.

GloboMailer.com`s Emailer provides you with everything that you need for your e-mail marketing strategy. You’ll have everything under control with the help of various tools and features that Globomailer’s E-mailer could offer at a very affordable price.

GloboMailer’s E-mailer gives you access to the following:

  • E-Mail Design Features – Choose from the many pre-designed professional templates to use for your e-mail campaigns, customise them or make your own designs, and save some time for more important things.
  • E-Mail Campaign Features – Spend less time and effort on worrying about your e-mail campaigns. Take advantage of the features so that a few clicks could free you from doing repetitive work.
  • Autoresponder Features- There is no need for you to worry about sending follow-ups and response e-mails whenever your subscriber does an action for you – our Autoresponder features will handle everything!
  • Advanced E-Mail Marketing Features – With these features, you can now do split tests, view event logs, program triggers and integrate Google calendar to your Emailer.
  • Statistics and Reporting – Take a good look at how your e-mail campaigns are doing. Measurable results that chart everything from open & click through rates, forward-ons, bounced and unsubscribe results.
  • Contact Management Features – Got fed up with subscription lists? No problem, because our Emailer will sort out your contact lists so that they will remain clean and free from invalid contact details, and more.
  • Spam Compliance Features – We know that you don’t intend to spam your subscribers, but sometimes, your subscriber may think otherwise. With Emailer’s Spam Compliance features, your e-mail campaigns will operate legally and with adherence to the existing International spam laws.

Check it you here and get your 30 Day Free Trial

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LocalString – Buy Deals Everyday | Shopping | Voucher | Discount

LocalString is your gateway to amazing deals in your city.

We scour the best offers from the best providers and make them available to our loyal customers. We will only present offers that give you at least 50% off the normal retail price, so you can be assured of making some excellent savings.

LocalString for Businesses

With an unparalleled ability to drive hundreds — even thousands — of customers through your door, it’s no wonder that 95% of our surveyed business partners want to be featured on LocalString again. Learn more about getting featured on LocalString below or Suggest a Business or a 50% at least Discounted Deal here

Do You have a business?
Contact us and find out what LocalString Deals can do for you!

What you get with LocalString Deals and you can not find elsewhere

Guaranteed new customers!
From the moment you collected the minimum number of customers, which is necessary to activate the offer LocalString Deals ensures you have new customers that will increase your income. These clients are not looking for just the perfect offer, but rather the perfect excuse to try something new and innovative. You will like your new customers who will definitely earn you an extra income?

Marketing effectiveness and measurable risk-free!
It costs nothing to join LocalString Deals offers program. We keep only a small percentage of each LocalString Deal that is sold. In other words, we win if you win. Is there anything better than a win-win cooperation, especially when you do not miss anything?

Exclusive presentation of your business!
When your business is the Deal of the day, you are the ultimate player! We will not showcase another offer for that day. Only you will be selling a product or a service against a prime buying public with thousands of willing members.

Greater visibility “from mouth to mouth!”
Any offer through LocalString Deals brings you in front of thousands of members. These members willing to ensure the bid and they would definitely recommend it to all their friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages and offline. All you have to do is join the Daily Deals program we suggest you and expect our members to create a buzz for you and your offer!

For further information on how you can benefit from LocalString Daily Deals contact as here or call us +30 6959 516 074

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Bloghology.org, Social Network, Print and Digital Media Kit

Bloghology.org Media KitUpload a Document to Scribd
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Rapid Seer.com – Website Monitoring Services

Every one of us here at RapidSeer.com shares the passion of small business. We believe that small business owners are the world’s engine of business innovation and growth.

When our team of experienced Internet entrepreneurs and professionals pulled together in 2008 it was with the goal of providing every small business with an essential service – Web site monitoring. We have been successful beyond all expectations. Within months RapidSeer.com became the world’s largest provider of Web site monitoring services and today we monitor Web sites around the clock for more than 100.000 Subscribers in more than 50 countries.

In August 2008, RapidSeer.com was acquired by SC Interactive Global Media SRL . Interactive Global Media SRL is a private media company with operating businesses in publishing and the Internet.

The RapidSeer.com management team is located in Iasi, Romania and Kos Island Greece.

Why have we been so successful?

Every business that has made an investment in their Web site needs to know when their site is not available – yet most online businesses have no idea if their site is down. Before RapidSeer.com, the high cost of Web site monitoring kept it out of reach for the vast majority of businesses. RapidSeer.com provides the same high value service at an extremely low price. Click here to start monitoring your Web site.

But this has only been the first stage of RapidSeer.com’s developing story.

RapidSeer.com is more than just the largest Web site monitoring company in the world. As our interaction with our Subscribers has grown we have increasingly come to realize that the issues RapidSeer.com faces as a growing online small business are identical to those being faced by most of our Subscribers. Because of this our experienced Internet team has identified and begun to offer what we have found to be the most useful services to assist you in growing your business, controlling costs and reducing risks.

Most importantly, we have leveraged the power of our 1.4 million Subscribers to negotiate special discount pricing and have passed these offers on to our Subscribers. Not unexpectedly, your response to these offers has been tremendous.

Your feedback is encouraged.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online. I encourage your feedback and suggestions as to how we can best help you. It is our belief that small businesses will continue to drive the global economy. It is our goal to provide you with at least a small part of the fuel that you need to power your drive.

I invite you to join our community of small businesses and get some “peace of mind” as well.


The RapidSeer.com Team

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Our mission is to provide the best possible website monitoring services for small and medium sized businesses on the Internet.

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About IGMAdvertising.com Solutions
A wholly-owned business of IGM (Interactive Global Media SRL ), IGM Advertising Solutions reaches one in 100 internet users across some of the world’s top interactive brands,top interactive brands including ProDATAbases.com, Quik-find.com, KosExplorer.com, Trellian.gr, RapidSeer.com, TakeACoder, LocalString.com and Bloghology.org. Display and interactive media, content and feature sponsorships, custom creative solutions, direct marketing, behavior targeting are just some of the ways IGM helps marketers effectively engage their target audiences. Main office of IGM is located in Iasi, Romania. For more information please visit www.igmadvertising.com, or phone +40 332 440 392.

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