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Upgrades & New Applications on Bloghology Social Network

Upgrades & New Applications on Bloghology Social Network

Over the last one month we did many changes on the main platform of Bloghology Social and we have added many new Sections, Applications and Widgets, including:

A. Facebook Connect is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform web experiences. It increases the interactivity & social aspects of websites and also allows them to tap into the enormous pool of Facebook users.

This Facebook Connect for Bloghology Social Network comes with the following powerful features:

* Quicker, simpler User SignUp
* Faster Log in, Auto-Login
* Data Portability and Facebook Profile Import
* Publish Feed stories to Facebook
* Configurable Facebook Feed Stories
* New Facebook Feeds creation
* Invite Facebook Friends – For usage without limitations you may use the Invite option on the top of the page
* View Facebook friends who are also site members
* Send collective Friend Requests to Facebook friends who are also Bloghology Social Network members
* Facebook Profile Photo import
* Facebook Status updates from within the site

Ckeck it out here >

B. Twitter Application Features
easy to use, based on the Twitter layout

* Twitter Pages – for public timeline, friends timeline, user timeline, favorite tweets, followers and friends, @replies
* Search Twitter Tweets – search in the complete Twitter tweet database
* Current Trends – top ten topics that are currently trending on Twitter
* Find Other Twitter Users In Bloghology Social Network – show “people you may know” and “random members” with a twitter account
* Send Tweets To Twitter – interface based on the Twitter form (with character count)
* Add Tweets To Favorites – no need to leave our site for that!
* Profile Integration – display user timeline, friends and followers
* Set Twitter Friendships On Profile Page – follow people (no need to leave our site for that)
* Updating Twitter Status and in Bloghology – Twitter-Status to Bloghology-Status and/or Bloghology-Status to Twitter-Status, both ways are possible.

Check it out here >

Help us spread the word!
In light of these serious improvements to Bloghology Social Network , we want you to help us spread the word about everything we’re doing. Any tweets, blog posts, or discussion threads you make out there on the internet about us are greatly appreciated!

Bloghology Social Network Team

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Using Technology to Assist in eCommerce Targeting

Using Technology to Assist in eCommerce Targeting

I found this interesting read  today about Ecommerce:

Within the Ecommerce marketplace, new technologies have been developed to assist online retailers in properly messaging content and promotions to different users.  These “targeting” solutions help improve the “holy grail” metric of conversion and should be evaluated and potentially included within your store.By  Stephan Miller, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article here.

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News, Upgrades and make money with Bloghology Social Network

Over the last one month we did many changes on the main platform of Bloghology Social and we have added many new Sections, Applications and Widgets, including:
  • an Event Section. Event organizers and company owners can post all their events and invite their Bloghology Friends to RVSP.
  • A Group Section. Various groups added by us and also you may create any groups you think that create discussions on various topics.
  • Bloghology Badges. You can create Badges, get the code to add it to your blog or website. The Badge includes Bloghology Logo, Your Name, Your Pic, Your Bloghology Profile URL, a referral link ( for you to get the credit of referring others to Bloghology Social), Your Bloghology Social Status.
  • full social network integration for your profiles.
  • Dashboard Widgets and Layouts

Social Network Integration

We also added many new Networks on the Profile page I’m very excited about. If you notice my profile, it now has links to my Entrecard, BloggersBase page and others as well!

We have integrated your profile with the most popular social networks so that your networking on Bloghology Social can be more beneficial. Whether you use Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, MyBlogLog, etc. you can put links to them in your Bloghology Social Profile!

To add these links, go to your Profile Tab and click “Where to find me online” and edit your profile. And on that page you will be able to add all your other social netowrks links. So go ahead, and enter any of your online identities so that all your Bloghology Social friends can find you in other places!

Help us spread the word!

In the last month we have:
  • added Widgets on your Dashboard. While on your Dashboard you can click on “Edit Page” and choose Layouts or Widgets
  • added an Applications Directory. Under the “Applications” TAB we have listed several applications for better networking within Bloghology and soon we will add many time saver applications for your benefit.
  • added Friends Online Application. With this Application you can see on your Dashboard which of your Friends are Online.
  • added Popular Groups Application. With this application you will be able and get notified on your Dashboard with all the HOT discussions that are happening on the Network.
  • added New Events Application. Same as above for all the Latest Events.
  • added New Polls Application.  Same for this Application but for the Latest Polls.
  • added People You May Know (Friend Of A Friend) Application. With this application you can extend your Bloghology Friends and create create a growing Network of Friendships and Contacts

Comming Soon Applications and Widgets!

  • Plugins or widgets for all Bloggers to display advertisers on their Blogs/Websites on a Revshare
  • upgrade of the Bloghology Social Badges to display all your Bloghology Social activity on your Site/Blog
  • Application with showing all your friends, followers and twitter timeline, also you will be able to update your Twitter timeline from Bloghology
  • and many more…

In light of these serious improvements to Bloghology Social Network , we want you to help us spread the word about everything we’re doing. Any tweets, blog posts, or discussion threads you make out there on the internet about us are greatly appreciated!


Bloghology Social Network Team

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How to get JV Partners to Maximize your Sales

How to get JV Partners to Maximize your Sales

How to get JV Partners to Maximize your Sales

Its no secret that JVs (joint ventures) and cross promotions are one of the most productive ways to make high volumes of sales on the Internet.

Today I want to talk about why they work so well, and how you can make the most of them to explode your online income.

Traditionally, JVs are most common between two people who have created a product and are selling it online. But that needn’t be the case and I will tell you shortly of a way in which
you can get all the benefits, traffic and sales of a JV without even having a product of your own.

But first lets look at the principals of it:
What actually happens in a JV cross-promotion?

Webites promote other websites for two main reasons:

1. To earn income from commission sales.

2. To pay, or earn, favors.

The first of these you might expect, the second is more intricate.

You see, when you’re running an online business, your options and your growth are restricted if you try doing it all on your own.

Sure, there’s pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, traffic exchangers, and a variety of ways you can draw traffic to your site by paying for it.

But nothing beats personal recommendation.

Its human nature: We all prefer to buy through personal recommendation than by enticing advertisements.

And JV’s, or cross-promotions are all about personal recommendation.

The only thing is – as every super-affiliate knows – even if you’re offering attractive commission rates, the site that’s getting promoted always gets more out of the deal than
the JV partner who’s doing the promoting.

Look at this comparision:

The JV partner doing the promotion gets:

1. A ‘notional’ favor from the site it promotes.
2. Commission payments, hopefully paid in good time but always at the discretion of the site owner.

The site being promoted gets:

1. Lots of new list members
2. Lots of Sales
3. Lots of recognition

Which would you rather?

Can you see now why the benefit isn’t split evenly in a JV deal?

This is one of the reasons why it is more difficult than many people think to get JV partners promoting for you.

No matter how attractive your commission percentages are, you will always be getting more out of the deal than your JV partner. Especially if your landing page is a list-building squeeze

But there is an option available. Especially if your aim is to build a list.

You could run a Viral Spiral site.

Viral Spiral is a webserver script that gives you a complete solution for building a list and a business online.

One of its features is that it turns the above JV example on its head to provide more of a win-win for both parties. Here’s what you can do with it:

As a listbuilder, you can offer a squeeze page for your JV partner to promote. He then sends his list to the squeeze page, where they sign up to your list.

Then, this is when it gets interesting:

Your JV partner can decide which offer page his signups are directed to after signup.

Gone is the traditional method whereby once his leads have signed up to you they’re yours, to direct wherever you like. With MVS, your JV partner can choose what to show them *after*
they’ve joined your list…

It might be to his own product, or an affiliate link somewhere else – or he may choose to use his affiliate link for your product (in keeping with the normal method).

The point is, your JV partner has more say about who benefits from his promotion and how. And that kind of power makes all the difference when it comes to getting others to promote for you, and build your list.

This is one of many characteristics of Viral Spiral that make it well worth a good look if you want to start building JV relationships.

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List Building – 3 Breakthrough Steps To A Responsive Subscriber List (Part 1)

I’ve always been impressed with those people who could build a list of 5,000 subscribers then give up their day job. All because their list was so responsive to any offer they made them.

Then I figured out their secret and boiled it down into 3 easy to follow breakthrough steps.

Step 1: Make sure you’re using a professionally hosted autoresponder service like

This is where you have to spend some money because your entire business will depend on the reliability of your email system.

What you want to avoid are the free autoresponder services, because as you become more successful at list building the more there is at risk.

Your professionally hosted autoresponder will do 3 things, it’ll be easier for your subscribers to manage their subscription with you. More of your emails will get through to them. And you’ll be able to track your results more effectively.

Step 2: As soon as a subscriber joins your list ask them a question in their first email. The question would be something like… “what’s your single biggest problem about (enter your subject here)”.

Then you use the feedback you get from your subscribers to decide what content and offers you should be sending to them.

Step 3: Write a full months worth of follow-up email messages to add to your autoresponder that’s a 50/50 mix of content and offers.

In step 2 we asked your new subscriber a question, now we take their questions and answer them to replace and build on your first months worth of follow-up messages.

Your answers to their questions gives you your content. And you’ll also know exactly what products to recommend and offers to make that help them solve their problems.

As you create more content just add it to your autoresponder. Eventually you’ll have an autoresponder with at least a years worth of content, recommendations and offers.

When you follow these steps you’ll soon find that people will be more likely to listen to you and take your advice.

Will you be able to give up your day job too? That’s down to how well you can put these steps into action and how good you are at building your list.

Now you know how to make your list more responsive all that’s left is to get more subscribers to join your list by focusing on your list building.

ListHero is the fastest, easiest, simplest way to build your list.
Go here now and start growing your list and your income for FREE:

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Bloghology Social Network Coming Soon Upgrades

It has been long since we all went to Christmas and New Year celebrations and now we are back with even more exciting news for all of your Bloghology Social members.

Starting from Today we will be adding more applications that we help you all on various ways.

1. Applications & Widgets

Applications & Widgets will allow our users to enjoy from exciting level of personalization for profile, user home or other pages.  Together with attractive and modern drag & drop interface our Bloghology Social users can add widgets or applications to their profile and express their own creativity. Easy editing / reordering of Top Bar Menu is one of the built-in features.  Home page editor extension will allow our members to easily edit their website homepage, change layout, add “new blogs”, “latest/popular groups”, photos, polls, events.

Applications to be added

  • Virtual Gifts – The Virtual Gifts Application will allow our users to express themselves and engage in social interaction. Gifts will be free or priced by points or even real money.
  • Twitter – Users can opt-in to auto-update their twitter when changing Bloghology Social status. Users can update twitter from within Bloghology Social Network.  Also twitter can be added to profile/user home or any other page.
  • – Adding music on your profile page for entertaining your viewers.
  • Flickr Photostream – Members can import their Flickr Photostream and tag them within their profile page
  • Upgrade of the RSS Feeds – Members can subscribe on other members RSS Feeds and Also import any other RSS Feed to their profile. ex import your Blogs RSS Feed or any other RSS Feed you may think that your Bloghology Social Friends would like to read.
  • Google Map – For displaying your Events within the Google Map
  • My Favorites
  • Better Newsfeed – Users can choose what they want to see after login. ex Network News. Friends News, Status Updates, New Photos added and New Comments Posted  
  • Friends Online (for user home)
  • Top Friends
  • Mutual Friends (for profile page)
  • Tom Friend – similar to MySpace

2. SuperPages.

Superpages Section will allow our community users to create dynamic pages with unprecedented level of flexibility. Users can create virtually any page using modern drag&drop interface, add content blocks – comments, html, photo or applications like google map or twitter. Start from blank, add HTML (wysiwyg), add comments – 2 seconds and you have an interactive web presence.



  • Modern drag&drop design, easily add content
  • Password Protect page
  • Users can add and remove widgets and apps from browseable directory to the page
  • Easy switching between various layouts for superpage
  • Page HTML Box – WYSIWYG Editor for html content

We hope that this year we can make Bloghology Social Network stand out with your expectations and create applicatiosn that can result into a time saver for the Blogosphere and its users. :-)

Good luck within your Goal Settings and lets make all together this year a better one ;-)

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