Even the very best businesses need a little help…


We know you’re far too busy to spend time trawling the web for information, making phone calls, creating lists and updating your records.

Which is where ProDatabases.com comes in.

Whether you’re a website developer, market researcher or in direct marketing, whether you need research information, listings or email address lists , ProDatabases.com has a service to suit your needs.

With a comprehensive collection of databases and download lists , ProDatabases.com is an affordable and reliable option for businesses that need user friendly, cost effective information which is always right up to date. Many lists are totally unique to ProDatabases.com , making sure that you’re always one step ahead of your competitors.

Databases ranging from business directories to genealogy data, insurance and health data plus financial, email contact and marketing information are available worldwide, covering countries as far reaching as the US and UK, Australia, Mexico and South Africa. So wherever you need information – one town or the whole world – ProDatabases.com can deliver.

Cost effective

ProDatabases.com is proven to be more cost effective than competitors with information delivered at a fraction of the price quoted elsewhere.

No other provider offers a wider range of databases or delivers them to clients more quickly.

Simple to use
Most files are available in MySQL, CSV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Backup File and custom delimited file formats.

Up to date
With new files added every week ProDatabases.com is the world’s leading provider of databases and download lists, always ahead of other providers by days and often weeks.

ProDatabases.com provides information for well known clients the world over. These clients know that they will receive a professional, friendly and effective service completely bespoke to their needs. In a world full of unreliable outsourcing teams, ProDatabases.com stands out, treating every client as an individual. It’s no wonder that these customers are so happy…

”Having dealt with several offshore outsourcers over the past few years I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come across one of the good guys with Vasilis!” ”Since ProDatabases started supplying and validating our listings data traffic has greatly improved. Their bespoke development services have also proved invaluable in getting the most out of the data we serve to our users.” Mike Heaps – MyVillage.com

A part of your team
The team at ProDatabases.com know that holding information is just the first step in customer service. Which is why they now offer a range of additional services boasting the very same high standards.

E-marketing campaigns
ProDatabases.com have used their excellent data harvesting skills to collate some of the world’s largest email address databases. From specifically targeted email campaigns to massive mailouts ProDatabases.com have a product to suit.

Web development
A highly trained team is on hand to work side by side with you to create a site which your audience will want to use. Complete website design and development, redesigns and custom CMS systems are available.

Software solutions
If off the shelf systems don’t cut it for your company let ProDatabases.com provide specialist developers to work closely with you and your team to deliver exactly what you require.

ProDatabases.com customers don’t waste their precious time fielding email enquiries, updating records or entering information on to spreadsheets. Bespoke solutions can do all this and more.