Beta Testers Wanted for Bloghology Social Community Site


Since very long time I have been telling you that Bloghology is not just a blogging magazine. It will become one of the largest blogging networks of Blogosphere.

I have very good news for you this weekend. Long-waited Bloghology community site is up and running at beta stage. We are looking for 100 lucky beta testers at the moment.

I would like to invite you as beta tester for Bloghology community site. On a way it looks similar to today’s popular social networking sites, but with some extra functionalities for Bloggers and Blogging related issues like affiliate marketing.

You need to send an email back to vasilis (please remove the spaces) with your name, email, and website/blog URL if you want to be one of the 100 lucky beta testers of Bloghology community site.

I will appreciate if you help us test the site before it goes live. Please send us your suggestions and feedback. I truly value your feedback. Tell me honestly what is missing today.

You can submit your suggestions to me within the community site once I invite you as beta tester by going to "Help" section, and then clicking on "Contact us"

Looking forward to hear from you!

Sincerely &
To your success,

Vasilis Pasparas

P.S.  – I expect these remaining seats to fill up fast.  I apologize if I didn’t get this email to
you fast enough.

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