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Upgrades & New Applications on Bloghology Social Network

Upgrades & New Applications on Bloghology Social Network

Over the last one month we did many changes on the main platform of Bloghology Social and we have added many new Sections, Applications and Widgets, including:

A. Facebook Connect is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform web experiences. It increases the interactivity & social aspects of websites and also allows them to tap into the enormous pool of Facebook users.

This Facebook Connect for Bloghology Social Network comes with the following powerful features:

* Quicker, simpler User SignUp
* Faster Log in, Auto-Login
* Data Portability and Facebook Profile Import
* Publish Feed stories to Facebook
* Configurable Facebook Feed Stories
* New Facebook Feeds creation
* Invite Facebook Friends – For usage without limitations you may use the Invite option on the top of the page
* View Facebook friends who are also site members
* Send collective Friend Requests to Facebook friends who are also Bloghology Social Network members
* Facebook Profile Photo import
* Facebook Status updates from within the site

Ckeck it out here >

B. Twitter Application Features
easy to use, based on the Twitter layout

* Twitter Pages – for public timeline, friends timeline, user timeline, favorite tweets, followers and friends, @replies
* Search Twitter Tweets – search in the complete Twitter tweet database
* Current Trends – top ten topics that are currently trending on Twitter
* Find Other Twitter Users In Bloghology Social Network – show “people you may know” and “random members” with a twitter account
* Send Tweets To Twitter – interface based on the Twitter form (with character count)
* Add Tweets To Favorites – no need to leave our site for that!
* Profile Integration – display user timeline, friends and followers
* Set Twitter Friendships On Profile Page – follow people (no need to leave our site for that)
* Updating Twitter Status and in Bloghology – Twitter-Status to Bloghology-Status and/or Bloghology-Status to Twitter-Status, both ways are possible.

Check it out here >

Help us spread the word!
In light of these serious improvements to Bloghology Social Network , we want you to help us spread the word about everything we’re doing. Any tweets, blog posts, or discussion threads you make out there on the internet about us are greatly appreciated!

Bloghology Social Network Team

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Using Technology to Assist in eCommerce Targeting

Using Technology to Assist in eCommerce Targeting

I found this interesting read  today about Ecommerce:

Within the Ecommerce marketplace, new technologies have been developed to assist online retailers in properly messaging content and promotions to different users.  These “targeting” solutions help improve the “holy grail” metric of conversion and should be evaluated and potentially included within your store.By  Stephan Miller, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article here.

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